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Promote the social and labor integration of all those who are in a vulnerable situation.

Develop actions and programs that actively contribute to personal autonomy and social progress.


We implement actions and programs that aim to promote equality, employment and entrepreneurship, social inclusion, intercultural coexistence, awareness of the environment and the defense of human, social and professional values ​​of all those people who are in a vulnerable situation.

We contribute to research, innovation and evaluation in collaboration with the academic world and other associations to achieve the goals.

We defend and promote the rights, interests and issues of social minorities against all discrimination.

We activate relational and transformative learning spaces that contribute to improving the autonomy and development of people's interpersonal relationships.

We promote cooperation and alliances with public entities, third sector entities and companies.

We promote the exchange and dissemination of knowledge at European and international level in the fields of action of the association.

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